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Ready For Kindergarten (R4K)

Ready For Kindergarten (R4K)
       Children are born with tremendous potential and capacity for learning, Brain development in early childhood is influenced by heredity, experiences, and relationships.
The curriculum for early childhood designed to enhance learning and development children in seven domains:
Social foundations
Social studies
Languages and literacy
Physical well-being and motor development
Fine arts.

All these domains will be our Guideline to develop children’s learning experiences and relationships with themselves, their environment and others.
We will adopt the STEAM approach to reach our goals.
“STEAM” stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art.
For young children (36- 48 month), we focus on STEAM through exploration, play, and building curiosity about the natural world and the way things work. STEAM learning is important for every child and can happen anytime, anywhere. The real life skills that children develop when learning STEAM help make them better problem solvers and learners.